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Boat Maintenance

This page is for testing purposes: feel free to enter data at will.  The job flow envisaged is as follows.

  1. Requests for work are entered through the 'Boat Maintenance Request Form'.  This could be as the result of an inspection of the boat, or a simple observation by an interested member
  2. The data entered in the first sheet in the spreadsheet (scroll down to the first spreadsheet at bottom).  A request code (job code) is automatically generated and attached to the request.
  3. Somebody sees the request and does the work.
  4. They enter the details in the 'boat maintenance completion form' (below).  Included in this data should be the job code, so we can match records.  These records go into the second spreadsheet sheet - accessible using the normal tabs at bottom.  Some of the data is also merged back into the matching maintenance request record, to make it easy to see all the details for a job in one place.
  5. The two sheets above are the only ones which actually hold data.  The others are for different views of this data, which we can direct people to.  The second spreadsheet below defaults to the 'Billie' page, as an example.

Boat maintenance request

Boat maintenance completion form

Boat Maintenance Sheet

Google Spreadsheet