FAQ - What safety equipment must I carry?

All Raid boat skippers are asked to complete our 'Pre-departure Safety Check for all tn19 Raid boats' form accessible here. If you are on an LBT-owned boat, including 'self-drive' boats, we will ensure all safety equipment is provided.

All Raid boats must carry the minimum safety equipment required by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) for Tasmanian marine areas categorised as 'Sheltered Waters'. The definitive MAST documentation and requirements are on line at their web site. Click here for the Mast Operational Areas Map; the Mast Boat and Gear Check List; the required MAST Safety Equipment List and Mast Safety Equipment Brochure.

We will inspect all Raid boats to ensure they meet MAST safety equipment requirements, have adequate flotation and for overall seaworthiness before final acceptance as part of the tn19 fleet. Inspections will be done at the Living Boat Trust, Franklin on Tuesday 29 January, at Recherche Bay on 30 February, or at other times by arrangement (contact: info@tawe-nunnugah.org). The advantage of having your boat inspection done at the LBT in Franklin is that we are very close to the Franklin Marine chandlers who stock a range of safety equipment. We have never had to reject boats at Recherche Bay but will do so if they are assessed to be unsafe or unseaworthy - please run through the pre-inspection checks and attend to anything that needs fixing. Following recent boating tragedies in Tasmania the Marine Police have stepped up their on-the-water inspection activities.

Completing the on-line form early will help you identify anything that needs attention and will speed up the inspection when you get here.  Access the 'Pre-departure Safety Check for all tn19 Raid boats' form here.