What to bring and what to leave behind

posted Jan 5, 2019, 6:26 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Jan 5, 2019, 6:27 PM ]
If you are camping ashore during the Raid your personal gear be travelling from site to site by truck and will be loaded and unloaded many times. We ask everyone to limit their personal gear to a maximum of 20-23 kgs including all your camping gear. Packing in two or more lighter bags is better than cramming everything in a very heavy single bag. Stuff you are bringing to Tasmania but don't need during the Raid should be packed separately and left in Franklin. We will organise for it to be transferred to Hobart at the end of the Raid on Friday 8 February.  

You don’t need to bring the following:  
Tables and chairs – we provide these.  
Cooking gear and food – the Raid is fully catered, you need only bring special snacks/treats that you can’t live without.  
Plates, bowls, cups, glasses and cutlery.  
Your wine cellar – we will have a travelling bar with a range of wines, beers etc priced with a small mark-up to cover handing costs. We run a tab system so you don’t need to worry about having cash on you every night.  
20 litres of freshwater, a slab of beer or a spare anchor and chain hidden in your personal gear bag – don’t laugh, we’ve had all of these on previous trips. It’s just not fair to ask everyone else to lug these heavy things around for you.  

You should bring:  
A lunch box and water bottle – the world has enough of these already so we don’t supply new ones for everyone.  
Re-usable lunch wrap such as waxed cotton, silicon pouches etc.  
Everyone should have their own sun hats and sun block, you should also seriously consider bringing light-weight, long sleeved shirts and long trousers – the Tasmanian sun is deceptively strong.  
Stout soled shoes for when you have to wade ashore across oyster encrusted rocks (it will happen).  
Tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat – if you forget anything there is an ‘Anaconda’ outdoor shop on the road from Hobart Airport.  
Good humour, tolerance and a willingness to help with general camp duties.  

The Camp Support team are all volunteers, their role is to move and manage the camp infrastructure not to clean up after the people having fun on the Raid boats. We will organise a roster for general camp duties so everyone will know when it’s their turn to help.   
This list of what to bring is not comprehensive - see the FAQ – ‘What gear should I bring’ to learn from experienced Raiders.