tn19 up-date 29/01 - Self-organised Raid at Snug

posted Jan 28, 2019, 7:03 PM by Martin Riddle
Franklin is still on an Emergency Alert, the fire to the west of us is defined by Tas Fire as ‘uncontrollable’ and the wind forecast offers no short term relief. Tas Alert indicates the road south from Huonville to Franklin is ‘No Access’. Residents are allowed through to protect property.   
And the good news is….we have permission from Kingborough Council to set up camp near the Snug Oval. We have also spoken to a member of the Snug Hall Committee (Isaac Forster) and should be able to access the Hall if needed. Isaac Smith of the Snug Sea Scouts indicated their facilities would be available to us.  
Do remember that although Snug is not now under a current bushfire alert area the fire situation is very dynamic. You must continue to monitor the Tas Fire web site and ABC Radio Hobart 936 for bushfire up-dates.   
We suggest interstate and overseas Raiders go there and set-up a self-organised Raid. You will have access to many great day sails from Snug including to Bruny Island. There are several options for sourcing takeaway and eat-in food there and a mini-IGA supermarket. The Raid bar should turn up with Rob Blackburn and we may even be able to send in the chef but that's not yet confirmed.
We ask that experienced Raiders provide some guidance and leadership to the new people. I haven’t yet had a chance to contact them but I’m hoping Brett Doubleday, Gary Dundon, Chris Tyquin, Rob Blackburn, Murdo Macleod, Ali Grant and others will step in.   
Safety boats – Again, I haven’t had a chance to speak to anyone yet but Snug is home to the Sea Scouts who were providing two of the safety boats and Saul is a member of the Sea Scouts there. Rob Easther, who has been coordinating the safety boat team lives in Hobart so should be able to help.   
Skiffs and whaleboats – Robert Ayliff has three skiffs with him so there should be plenty of opportunities for rowing. We may be able to get the LBT skiffs and Capricornia to Snug by road. Yukon is leaving Franklin on Sunday morning and has offered to tow Monty. Does anyone have a trailer capable of towing Gretchen? She’s only 18ft but quite heavy.   
Please use the ‘Info Exchange’ tool on our web site if it helps to facilitate the ‘self-organisation’ process - it will only work if people check there as well as posting things.  
More to come. Please keep checking for up-dates.