Planning to bring a boat on tn19 and display at AWBF?

posted Jun 23, 2018, 8:35 PM by Martin Riddle
The 10-day tawe nunnugah Raid is a great way to arrive at the 2019 Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart but it takes a bit of planning, particularly if you need to book your boat on the ferry across Bass Strait. If you want to do the Raid and then display your boat at the AWBF you should complete a tn19 Expression of Interest ( early. This will allow our Safety Committee to assess whether your boat is suitable for the Raid and we can then give you some certainty to help with your planning. The Raid is open to suitably seaworthy small boats whether or not they are made of wood, but of course to display at the Wooden Boat Festival you must register with the AWBF and meet their standards. To register for the AWBF go to:    AWBF provides a special area on the water for displaying the tn19 Raid small boat fleet. Alternatively some people choose to display ashore and larger boats will be assigned berths by AWBF.