More on Life Jackets

posted Jan 5, 2019, 9:09 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Jan 5, 2019, 9:09 PM ]
Please bring your own life jacket if you have one - we don't have enough for everyone. In our experience, rowers tend to prefer inflatable life jackets as they are less restrictive when rowing. Foam-filled life  jackets with permanent buoyancy may be more suitable for people in small sailing boats, particularly if they expect to spend any time in the water.   

All life jackets are more effective if they are fitted with crotch straps to prevent them floating up. Crotch straps are readily available from marine chandlers and can be fitted to any life jacket. We require that you have a crotch strap on your life jacket during the Raid.  

Standards for Life Jackets (PFDs) in Tasmania have changed. The old PFD Type 1 and Type 2 have been phased out and replaced by Level 150, 100 and 50. The old Type 1 and Type 2 life jackets can still be used until 2020 but must be replaced by then. There is currently a scheme whereby you can get a $20 voucher for replacing your old life jacket - just take your old jacket to your local chandler. See the Marine and Safety Tasmania website for definitive information on which types of PFDs are required in Tasmania.  

In summary, all life jackets used during the Raid must provide head support (Level 150 or 100, or PFD Type 1 under the old system) and be fitted with a crotch strap. A Level 50 PFD (or PFD Type 2 under the old system) is not adequate for the Raid.