How do I join the Raid?

Step 1 - Sign on to our mailing list at - when you are on the mailing list you will be sent tn19 news up-dates and information on the tn19 Raid and Return Raid as they are posted on the tn19 web-site.
Step 2 - Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) at - the information you provide in this EOI tells us you're interested and is needed for our planning. Completing the EOI does not mean you have booked and reserved a place - this is done later using our on-line booking system. 
Step 3 - We will send you a link to the booking system when you have submitted your Expression of Interest.
Step 4 - Follow the link to the on-line booking system. Use the booking site to select from the range of options for doing the 10-day tn19 Raid and/or 4-day Return Raid. When you 'check-out' from the booking system you will automatically be sent an invoice listing your options with instructions on how to pay directly to the Living Boat Trust's bank account by EFT. There is no requirement or mechanism to pay on-line at the time of booking.   

NOTE: Pets will not be allowed on tawe nunnugah 2019.  We will be visiting national parks and sites where they are expressly forbidden.