Boats suitable for the Raid

The Raid is principally a small boat sailing/rowing expedition. The fleet consists of small craft supported by larger vessels and fast safety boats. Sailing craft must be seaworthy and capable - slow and steady is more suitable than a sprightly, thoroughbred day-racer. The ability to reef sails quickly is essential for when the inevitable squall comes through. Rowing boats range from a 6-oar whale boat, 4-oar St Ayles Skiffs to single-person expedition skiffs.

Many of the Raid boats have engines, so although we expect to sail and row most of the way, vessels with engines are not excluded and you are welcome to use your engine as you see fit.

Not all boats on the Raid are made of wood. Although the expedition is timed to arrive in Hobart for the start of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival and most of the boats in Raid fleet are wooden, boats made from other materials are welcome to participate. The only slight disadvantage is that only wooden boats can register for the festival and be moored with the tn19 fleet at Waterman's Dock at the end of the Raid.

To be accepted for the Raid boats must be assessed to be suitable by the tn19 Raid Safety Committee. Although much depends on design, as a rough guide 14ft is about the minimum size sailing boat that would be accepted. All boats are required to carry some safety equipment - final details to be advised but the tn17 gear list (accessible from the tn17 web site) provides some guidance.

The weather will dictate whether the fleet can put to sea on any day. Smaller and less seaworthy boats may be required to skip legs and be towed either by land or on the water.