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Do you have a preference for rowing or sailing?

posted Oct 13, 2016, 2:37 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 13, 2016, 2:38 PM ]

It’s funny how the arrival of an invoice focuses the mind. Several people who signed up to do the Raid on an LBT vessel have recently asked how we plan to allocate people to boats. Well our first task is to find out what you want – and to that end we have developed another of those fun on-line forms. To complete the form, please follow the link:

  If you are bringing your own boat, or are crew on a private vessel, this form is NOT for you – but don’t be disappointed, we’re developing one just for you.

However, if you indicated in your EOI that you want to do tn17 in one of the LBT vessels, this is your opportunity to tell us how you would like to spend your time during the Raid. Just follow the link:

  People electing to do the Raid in LBT boats come in all different flavours - some rowers, some sailors and some don't care so long as they're messing around on the water.  We won’t know your preferences unless you tell us, so please follow the link:

  Some want to sail all the way and can't imagine why anyone would choose to row when there's a favourable wind, while others want to row every opportunity they get. In between there are those wanting to experience a bit of everything - a bit of rowing, a bit of sailing and a bit of swanning around in luxury on one of the larger accompanying vessels. Tell us your preferences, follow the link:

  We can't promise to give you exactly what you want but if you tell us, we'll try our best. If you are doing the Raid on an LBT boat please follow the link and tell us your preferences: