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Boat owners – boat and gear safety checks-lists

posted Oct 22, 2016, 5:50 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Nov 2, 2016, 8:33 PM by Posts Editor ]
  Christmas and the Raid will soon be on us and when the silly season strikes it could be hard to find time to check out your boat. So now’s a good time to get the cover off, open the lockers and make sure everything on board is ship-shape.

  All vessels participating in the tn17 Raid, whether privately owned or vessels owned or managed by the Living Boat Trust, must be seaworthy and must carry at least the minimum safety equipment required by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST). We’ve set-up a simple check-list designed to make it easy for you to ensure everything’s in order – just follow the link:

  Our check-list is by no means exhaustive and it doesn’t replace the owner / person-in-charge’s responsibilities for knowing their vessel and ensuring it is well maintained. It is always possible that MAST may change their requirements, so please check the definitive MAST Safety Equipment List on line at:

  MAST Safety Equipment List (

  Other useful resources on-line include:

  MAST Trip Preparation and Checklist:

  MAST Safety Equipment Brochure: (

  MAST Boat and Gear Check: (

  We use VHF radio as the primary means of communication between boats on the water and require that each boat have a VHF set. If you don’t already have a VHF, Whitworths are selling the Icom IC M23 waterproof ‘Float’n Flash’ handheld VHF on special at $199. This is the model used by the LBT and standardising to this model will make recharging easier.

  The tn17 Safety Committee will inspect all vessels before departure. For vessels not normally resident in or around Franklin, this can be done at the Living Boat Trust on Tuesday 31 January or, as a last resort, at Recherche Bay on Wednesday 1 February, or on the day you join the Raid. Owners of local boats should contact to arrange early inspections. By completing the on-line check-list you will make it easier for the Safety Committee to do their inspection – just follow the link:

  Please check you vessels well in advance and make sure you have attended to anything that needs fixing. We don’t want to be placed in the awkward position of refusing an unseaworthy boat on the beach at Recherche Bay but if it’s a matter of safety we will do so. Please complete and submit our on-line check-list at: