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Return Raid Route

The Return Raid was originally designed as ‘Raid-light’ - to have fun getting the LBT boats back to Franklin after the festival with much less in the way of logistics support and everyone fending for themselves for food. All the camp sites have been chosen to have facilities so we don’t need to drag the portaloos etc with us. The Return Raid sites are nice but they’re not the really remote and private places we access for tn17.

The fee  for the Return Raid in previous years was $25 per person per night to cover the fuel for safety boats and some land support to move gear from site to site. This year because interest in the Return Raid has grown a bit we’ve decided it’s easier for everyone if we shop and cook communally so we’ve upped the price to $50 per person per night but this includes food.

Because they are expected to provide some support to the small boat fleet, there is no fee for people on the larger accompanying yachts, unless they wish to eat communally with the rogues in the small boat fleet – in which case $25 per person per day buys you breakfast, lunch and dinner and the opportunity to help cook. If you are doing the Return Raid fleet on a larger yacht and want to eat with the rest of us – send an email to and we’ll send you an invoice.

The first night (13 Feb) at South Arm, the second night (14 Feb) at Woodbridge and the final night (15 Feb) at Charlotte Cove.  After the first day which is a short (7 NM) crossing, the legs are all fairly long but this is necessary to get everyone back to Franklin in plenty of time for the skiffs Regatta. We know its achievable because we did it in 2015 and that year some of the rowers were recent refugee arrivals with little if any rowing experience - if they could do it, you can do it (I'm sailing).

There are still some places available to join the Return Raid - if interested contact us on: