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About tawe nunnugah

"tawe nunnugah"  means “going” by “canoe” in the local Aboriginal language.  The event took the name to honor the first navigators of southern Tasmanian waters.   Every two years keen adventurers set off from Recherche Bay in the far south of Tasmania to row and sail to Hobart , more than 100 nautical miles away, in a fleet of small boats. This expedition over 10 days  takes participants along some of Tasmania’s beautiful and unique coastline, from the wild south and along the spectacular and historic D’Entrecasteux Channel and up the Huon River before entering the Derwent River to Hobart.  This arrival coincides with the start of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival  After the completion of the festival those who wish to can come to Franklin, the home of the Living Boat Trust, and take part in the St Ayles Skiff Regatta.

The route for 2017 has yet to be determined, but we anticipate that is will be similar to those of previous years.

There is a beautiful and evocative DVD of the 2007 Tawe Nunnugah made by David Perez:  see the trailer.

Read the transcript of an ABC interview about Tawe Nunnugah:

The Tawe Nunnugah ‘Raid’ has been organised bi-annually by the Living Boat Trust since 2005. The Living Boat Trust (LBT) is an incorporated non-profit community association based in Franklin on the banks of the Huon River in southern Tasmania. It aims to maintain traditional boat building, repairing, rowing and sailing skills.

Feedback from previous tawe nunnugah raids

Great, it was like living in a little tribe of water borne gypsies by the end. We really enjoyed it.

loved the overall level of camaraderie and the way we swapped boats and crew members.

I enjoyed the relaxed and informal atmosphere. I feel that most of us had bonded as a group and it was nice to spend time together as a 'community' who had just had a shared experience. I felt that this was where true friendships were cemented. As a person travelling on my own, I felt very much part of a cohesive and like-minded group.

I didn't feel that safety was compromised in any way. ... I always felt that one of the other boats was watching out for us

i thought it would be a once only adventure for us but the boys loved it so much im sure they will want to do it again ( Thats if you will have us !!) .

thought it was really well structured . Well organised without being too rigid

 All I had to do was turn up, take part and enjoy myself - which I absolutely did. The whole thing was an amazing effort by people who kept upbeat throughout, so that people like me could have a great experience. A life changing one, in fact.

Going to privately owned sites that are otherwise inaccessible, was a fabulous highlight.

Franklin is a unique convergence of people, scenery, food, wine and passion in many ways. I really get an abstract, if that is the correct term, amount of enjoyment from the whole experience.