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Tawe Nunnugah 2015 – News Update

posted Oct 18, 2014, 11:37 PM by Unknown user
Wee Tawera and Frank Worsley are the two New Zealand St Ayles skiffs readying themselves to join the raid. They are booked to cross Bass Strait on 27th January, but the details of when various crew members are flying in and out of the state are still to be determined. Mike Mahoney and Steve Cranch are keeping me up to date on their progress, and I am getting very excited about this international contingent. If they struggle to fully crew their boats every day perhaps we could find a few New Zealanders living locally who would like to train up to help their countrymen? 

The able bodies of the Boxer crew are all ready to rumble. They look pretty spiffy in this photo (below) and I’m told they crack a fair turn of pace. I’m not sure any of our boats will be able to keep up with them. 

If skippers haven’t visited the web site yet to complete the safety equipment check list, perhaps they could get onto that small task. We need to have that signed off for the Risk Management Plan to be submitted to MAST before every raid.

You will also find a personal Equipment List on the web page. It offers some suggestions, but I’m sure most of you are experienced sailors and campers and won’t need to be told. The important thing is to wear wool or polypropylene for warmth (the bushwalkers tell me that ‘cotton kills’) and have a good windbreaker. 
David Nash of Yukon has begun marketing berths on his boat, and passage for day trippers. If you have friends or family who would like to spend a day or two following the raid aboard a tall ship and see how our raid works, encourage them to visit 

Keep firing emails at me if you have questions not answered by the web site or news feeds. 

See you on the water. 

Ros Barnett