Homecoming Passage Planning

This expedition is based a trip to the Kettering Wooden Boat Rally organised and run by the LBT in February 2014, which was very popular (see the comments).   This was a 'Tawe Nunnugah Lite', with no fees, but with little of the infrastructure and support of a real Tawe Nunnugah Raid: participants were expected to be largely self sufficient.   They still got to do all the important stuff  - cruising the beautiful inshore waters of the D'Entrecasteaux Channel and the Huon in good company (both on and off the water), but they had to throw their own snag on the barby in the evening. 

Here, in summary, is the plan for this year.

  • The event is a ‘cruise in company’ for a duration of  four days:  February 9th-12th 2015

  • The schedule, subject to conditions, is as follows.

    • Congregate at Montgomery Park Conningham on the evening of Monday 9th February

    • Depart Conningham 0700 hours Tuesday morning

    • Arrive at Gordon camping ground Tuesday afternoon

    • Depart Gordon 0700 hours Wednesday morning

    • Arrive Brooks Bay Wednesday afternoon

    • Depart Brooks Bay 0700 hours Thursday morning

    • Join St Ayles Skiff Regatta at Port Huon Thursday afternoon

    • Proceed to Franklin with St Ayles Skiff Regatta

  • Participants will be expected to be self sufficient in all respects (safety and supplies). 

  • Participants to pay for camping fees
  • Participants will be expected to contribute $25 per day for the three days on the water to cover common organisational expenses.  There are no fees.

  • There will be safety boats and minimal land based transport and support, subject to some of the event participants making themselves available to crew these operations.

  • There will be no catering provided.  The LBT will assist people who wish to share resources.

  • The land transport will consist of a utility towing the food trailer, which can be refrigerated when there is power.  BBQ’s and a small marquee with extension tarp will be carried on the ute and trailer.  There will be space for a medium esky for each person, plus a SMALL amount of general luggage.