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The Homecoming Passage: Festival to Franklin

A cruise in company from the Australian Wooden Boat Festival to the St Ayles Skiff Regatta at Franklin, February 9th-12th 2015.
Pictures from this event can be viewed at (thanks to Rob Blackburn)

This expedition is intended for boats of all sizes, some rowing some sailing, which can manage their own safety in sheltered (not smooth) waters.  In order to keep the days reasonable for rowers it has been decided that the expedition proper will start from Conningham (south of Hobart), and not the from the Australian Wooden Boat festival (see the route and itinerary).  Participants are to make there way be whatever means suits them to Montgomery Park Camp (Conningham) on the evening of Monday 9th.  There will be an early morning departure the next day.

See the 'From Hobart to Conningham' page for further discussion.

The stops after Conningham will be Gordon and Brookes Bay, conditions permitting.

There will be NO FEES for this expedition, but each participant will be expected to to pay for their overnight stay at Montgomery Park and contribute $25 per day towards common organisational costs.

Whilst there will be escort boats accompanying the fleet, participants will be expected to be largely self reliant.  See the About page for more information.