Recent TN14 Committee Minutes

  • Date: Monday 6th January

  • Present:  David Nash, Glynn Shevels, John Walduck, Ali McRae, Peter Heading

  • Chair:  Richard Forster

  • Agenda

    • Assess viability of running event

      • Only 25 registrations

    • Consider options:

      • Run as planned

        • Not viable

      • Abandon

        • No need to at this stage

      • Scale back (or up)

        • Preference is to scale back

    • Plan event based on consideration of options.

      • Details for scaled back 'cruise in company’

        • Notify registrants

Action RF

        • Needs to be promoted to members

          • Event is only for members

          • If others wish to participate they must join up

          • Post changed plans to website

Action RF

          • Update advertising poster

Action RF

        • Take trailer, ute for food and some luggage, marquee and tarp

          • Need edges on trailer shelves

Action GR

          • Share driving

        • $25 per day for admin expenses only

        • No 'fee', so not an event that needs to registered with MAST

        • Safety boats

          • Need two

          • Share crewing of safety boats

          • Nick Mooney's, Brett D, Glynn S

        • Ali to check out Kettering

Action: AM

        • Sailing details

          • course

            • Randalls, Gordon Kettering and return

            • May use Gordon (or even Brookes Bay) depending on conditions

          • Small boats to depart together and stay approximately together

          • Dates

            • All dates and times subject to conditions

            • Cast off on Friday 7th 0700

            • Stay at Randalls that night

            • Depart Randall's Saturday 8th  at 0700

            • Stay at Kettering or Gordon that night depending on Conditions

            • At Kettering for Wooden Boat Rally Sunday 9th

            • Depart Kettering 7am Monday 10th

            • Spend night at Randalls

            • Tuesday 11th to Frankliin