Suggested Gear List

N.B. 1. : There are about 30 people traveling with the raid  supported be  a small utility and trailer.  Take as much as you like on your own boat, but the following limits will apply to land transport.
  • One Esky per person, limited to 650mm X 400mm.  Note that the trailer may not necessarily be powered, so meat may not keep over the full five days.  Restocking at Kettering is an option.
  • One backpack per person max size 800mm X 400mm X 400mm

N.B. 2. : There will be a small marquee set up at each evening stop over. This will be available to dry clothing each evening. At some stopovers basic washing facilities will be available.

Sailing Gear

  1. Wet Weather Gear, Wet Suit, Dry Suit

  2. PFD 1

  3. 2 Pairs Polypropylene or wollen thermal underwear – long sleeved top and long johns.

  4. Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper

  5. Sailing Boots or Wet Suit Booties

  6. Beanie and Sunhat and Sunscreen

  7. Sunglasses

  8. Shorts

Evening Wear

  1. 3 Warm long pants – evening camp

  2. 3 Shirts / t-shirts – 3 recommended

  3. Socks – 3 pairs recommended

  4. ? Underwear  (Leave that up to you!)

  5. Lightweight footwear

  6. Polar fleece jacket (preferred) or woollen jumper or Light Rain Shell

Personal Gear

  1. Toiletries

  2. Towel or body chamois – light and quick to dry

  3. Swimming costume

  4. Water bottle – at least 1.5 litres

  5. Camera, small torch, binoculars

  6. Tent, sleeping bag and mat.

  7. Second best guitar (we like music, but can't take responsibility for your pride and joy)