tn21 update – less time putting up tents, more time relaxing

posted Oct 25, 2020, 3:39 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 25, 2020, 3:39 AM ]

It’s been a while since our last up-date but we haven’t been completely idle. We have the makings of a good fleet with 40 Expressions of Interest already entered including 17 different boats not counting the LBT vessels. With the Wooden Boat Festival cancelled we are no longer constrained to visit Hobart and have been seeking suggestions for alternatives to our normal route. We know that people enjoyed not shifting camp and putting up tents every night during the Snug Raid in 2019 so for tn21 we thought we'd spend two nights at several locations rather than moving every day. The plan for tn21 is to focus on the wonderful area between Franklin and Recherche Bay with plenty of opportunities to explore Bruny Island. The plan we’re currently working on is to spend two nights each at Recherche, Southport, Dover and Simpsons, then a night at Charlotte Cove or Randall’s Bay before finishing in Franklin. Spending two days at several sites opens the opportunity to visit some delightful spots on Bruny that we normally rush past. If conditions are suitable, on the second day at Southport we’ll do a day trip for lunch at Partridge Island/Butlers Beach and from Dover we will head across to the Quarries. Without the AWBF deadline we have no need to finish on the Friday, so we could add an extra day and have two nights to relax at the last site. Use the feedback form to tell us what you think: