tn21 - Return Raid up-date

posted Nov 12, 2020, 6:53 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Nov 12, 2020, 6:54 PM ]

The Return Raid is not included on our booking site because we have not yet committed to run it and if it does happen, it will not take the usual format. The Return Raid was originally conceived as a relaxed ‘cruise in company’ to bring the Franklin fleet home from Hobart after the Wooden Boat Festival. Over the years the Return Raid has grown as interstate boats have taken the opportunity to extend their time on the water in Tasmania. In 2021, with the tn21 Raid finishing in Franklin, the original purpose of a Return Raid no longer applies. For this reason, rather than setting out on a mini Raid immediately after tn21 we are considering organising a few days away later in the year. One possibility is to link it to the Maritime Trail organised by the AWBF for 10-11 April:  We are considering a 4-5 day expedition in the week after Easter (5-9 April) – we will send out more information as plans develop. We realise a mini Raid in April may not work for interstate people bringing their boats over for tn21 in January. However, after the success of the self-organised Snug Raid in 2019 we are confident that if enough people are interested, an impromptu cruise in company could be organised for a few days after the tn21 Raid finishes and the LBT will do what it can to assist. Other activities immediately following tn21 include the Old Codgers Regatta to be organised by the CYCT in Barnes Bay, Bruny Island on 6th February, the Parade of Sails to be organised by the AWBF in Hobart for 7th February and the Franklin Regatta 13th February – more information on each will be posted on the LBT News site.