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tn21 - What gear should I bring?

posted Dec 22, 2020, 8:47 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Dec 22, 2020, 8:47 PM ]

We have posted an article on what gear to bring on the tn21 website under the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). I won't repeat it all here, but the basics are that you bring your own tent, sleeping gear, clothes and toiletries. We supply everything to do with cooking and eating, such as cutlery, crockery, chairs and tables. If you can bring a Level 100 lifejacket/PFD (the new standard) please do, otherwise you can borrow one from the Living Boat Trust, or buy one from Franklin Marine Chandler next door. If you have questions about the Raid please send them to the tn21 Raid Coordinator (email: - if the topic is likely to be interest to other participants we will develop an FAQ and post it on the tn21 website. Follow the link to read the FAQ on what gear to bring:

tn21 – Are you likely to do the Raid?

posted Dec 18, 2020, 4:30 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Dec 18, 2020, 4:33 PM ]

As the tn21 Raid approaches we need a rough idea of how many people are likely to come. To make our planning easier, we have created a short survey with a simple 1 to 5 scale for you to indicate your likelihood of coming. We know there are many uncertainties, particularly for interstate participants, and that the possibility of you doing the Raid may change between now and the start. If your situation changes, just do the survey again to up-date your status – you can do it as many times as you like. You receive these up-dates because you joined the tn21 Raid mailing list – please complete the survey even if you were never likely to come and you have done no more than join the mailing list. To complete the survey and tell us whether you are likely to come, follow this link: 

tn21 - how to book your place

posted Dec 8, 2020, 3:44 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Dec 8, 2020, 3:44 PM ]

Booking for the tn21 Raid is easy but involves several steps designed to ensure we get the information we require to deliver the Raid and you get the information you need to prepare for it. Step 1: Join the tn21 mailing list at – this means you will get information up-dates as soon as they are posted. Step 2: Complete the Expression of Interest form at - this provides us with the information we need to plan for your participation in the Raid. Step 3: Book your place at To give you confidence in booking, the LBT Committee has agreed to offer a full refund of the tn21 fee to anyone unable to join the Raid because of Covid-related government restrictions right up to the start of the Raid.

tn21 - Return Raid up-date

posted Nov 12, 2020, 6:53 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Nov 12, 2020, 6:54 PM ]

The Return Raid is not included on our booking site because we have not yet committed to run it and if it does happen, it will not take the usual format. The Return Raid was originally conceived as a relaxed ‘cruise in company’ to bring the Franklin fleet home from Hobart after the Wooden Boat Festival. Over the years the Return Raid has grown as interstate boats have taken the opportunity to extend their time on the water in Tasmania. In 2021, with the tn21 Raid finishing in Franklin, the original purpose of a Return Raid no longer applies. For this reason, rather than setting out on a mini Raid immediately after tn21 we are considering organising a few days away later in the year. One possibility is to link it to the Maritime Trail organised by the AWBF for 10-11 April:  We are considering a 4-5 day expedition in the week after Easter (5-9 April) – we will send out more information as plans develop. We realise a mini Raid in April may not work for interstate people bringing their boats over for tn21 in January. However, after the success of the self-organised Snug Raid in 2019 we are confident that if enough people are interested, an impromptu cruise in company could be organised for a few days after the tn21 Raid finishes and the LBT will do what it can to assist. Other activities immediately following tn21 include the Old Codgers Regatta to be organised by the CYCT in Barnes Bay, Bruny Island on 6th February, the Parade of Sails to be organised by the AWBF in Hobart for 7th February and the Franklin Regatta 13th February – more information on each will be posted on the LBT News site. 

tn21 booking system is now open

posted Nov 12, 2020, 3:32 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Nov 12, 2020, 3:33 AM ]

Thanks for your patience. The LBT Committee met this evening and approved opening of the on-line booking system for tn21. If you have entered an Expression of Interest for the Raid you will soon receive an email which will include the address of the booking site.  Follow the link to the booking system and choose the options that suit you. Some options are available in limited numbers and may sell out – so we are offering them first to those people who have already entered an Expression of Interest. If you would like to join the tn21 Raid but haven’t yet entered an Expression of Interest, please fill out the EOI, we will then send you the link to the tn21 booking site. The Expression of Interest form is available here:

tn21 Raid – Itinerary and route

posted Nov 7, 2020, 9:40 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Nov 8, 2020, 2:35 PM ]

Land owners have confirmed they are happy for us to spend two nights at each of the five sites we’ve selected - so we are now able to announce the route for the tn21 Raid. As indicated earlier, we will focus the Raid on waters south of Franklin with several opportunities to explore Bruny Island. The route map is available for download as a pdf here:  The first camp is at Moss Glen in Recherche Bay and we move north finishing in Franklin on Saturday 6 February. We are working towards opening the booking form very soon. If you are about to make travel bookings and need to confirm any details with us, please send an email to the tn21 Raid Coordinator (Martin ) at: 

tn21 dates will remain as originally advised

posted Oct 31, 2020, 4:55 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 31, 2020, 4:57 AM ]

Thanks to everyone who completed the feedback form. The response to the question about moving the Raid a week earlier was clear – a few people would benefit but more people would not be able to participate. For this reason we will start the Raid on the date originally advised. We will meet in Franklin for the Welcome Dinner on Tuesday 26th January, moving to the first camp site the next day, Wednesday 27th January. Almost everyone liked the idea of fewer changes of camp sites and using the boats on the ‘lay-days’ to explore some of the less accessible places on Bruny Island, so this is now the framework for planning the details of the Raid. The suggestion to add an extra day at the end was also very well received – we need to check what this means for the support logistics before finally confirming and will advise as soon as possible. If you need to discuss any aspect of this or other Raid matters, send an email to the tn21 Raid Coordinator (Martin) at:

tn21 - should we move the Raid a week earlier?

posted Oct 25, 2020, 4:47 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 25, 2020, 4:47 AM ]

As we don’t have to be in Hobart for the AWBF, one of our more youthful regular Raid participants (no prizes for guessing who) has suggested we shift the Raid earlier by a week bringing it entirely within the Tasmanian school holidays so he doesn’t have to skive off school. The other states go back a week earlier than Tasmania but as tn21 may be mostly a Tasmanian Raid it’s well worth considering if it doesn’t upset plans for those who have been working with the previously advertised dates. This would mean mustering in Franklin for the Welcome Dinner on Tuesday 19th January instead of 26th January as previously indicated and finishing the Raid on the last weekend in January.Tell us what you think about moving the Raid a week earlier by filling out the feedback form here:

tn21 - should we run a Return Raid?

posted Oct 25, 2020, 4:08 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 25, 2020, 4:09 AM ]

You’re probably thinking that tn21 up-dates are like Bristol buses – you don’t see one for ages and then a group of them all arrive together. The Return Raid was designed to have fun bringing the fleet back to Franklin following the AWBF. With the 2021 AWBF cancelled and the tn21 Raid planned to finish in Franklin, the original reason for the Return Raid no longer exists – however, we could organise an optional extra few days anyway. One suggestion is that after returning to Franklin, those boats that are trailable could spend a few days exploring somewhere completely different. Possibilities include Lake Pedder, Lake Sorell basing ourselves at Interlaken, Frederick Henry/Norfolk Bay or Maria Island. The main advantage of linking this to the tn21 Raid would be that people bringing their boats from interstate would have the opportunity to use them to explore a bit more of Tasmania. If there’s little interest from interstate participants then we will probably organise a few days away for local boats later in the year. Use the feedback form to tell us what you think about alternatives to the normal Return Raid:

tn21 update – less time putting up tents, more time relaxing

posted Oct 25, 2020, 3:39 AM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Oct 25, 2020, 3:39 AM ]

It’s been a while since our last up-date but we haven’t been completely idle. We have the makings of a good fleet with 40 Expressions of Interest already entered including 17 different boats not counting the LBT vessels. With the Wooden Boat Festival cancelled we are no longer constrained to visit Hobart and have been seeking suggestions for alternatives to our normal route. We know that people enjoyed not shifting camp and putting up tents every night during the Snug Raid in 2019 so for tn21 we thought we'd spend two nights at several locations rather than moving every day. The plan for tn21 is to focus on the wonderful area between Franklin and Recherche Bay with plenty of opportunities to explore Bruny Island. The plan we’re currently working on is to spend two nights each at Recherche, Southport, Dover and Simpsons, then a night at Charlotte Cove or Randall’s Bay before finishing in Franklin. Spending two days at several sites opens the opportunity to visit some delightful spots on Bruny that we normally rush past. If conditions are suitable, on the second day at Southport we’ll do a day trip for lunch at Partridge Island/Butlers Beach and from Dover we will head across to the Quarries. Without the AWBF deadline we have no need to finish on the Friday, so we could add an extra day and have two nights to relax at the last site. Use the feedback form to tell us what you think:

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