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Kiwi Raid fleet up-date from Steve Cranch

posted Jan 19, 2016, 3:54 PM by Martin Riddle
It was always intended to be a mixed fleet of small sailing boats and skiffs but the way the entries have ended up we have mostly skiffs. However we will be using the sailing rig in Wee Tawera that went on the TN15 and are bringing along an Etchell, this is a speed machine and will provide some fantastic sailing opportunities.

We have decided to leave the M class at home as it can be a bit of a handful. 

35 people are coming so it’s a nice number and should make for great fun. The intention is to give everyone a taste of some different boats and to make swapping around all part of it. There are also very nice support vessels so a day cruising on a nice launch might be a good break from rowing. 

John Welford, the famous Kiwi small boat designer, is joining us for a few days at the start and bringing his 40’ bridge deck launch along. Tanya (our fearless organiser) is bringing her husband and a very nice John Welford dinghy for the second half of the Raid. 

If anyone finds a suitable local boat to charter that’s fine with the organisers and would add to the fun.