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Extras to bring

posted Jan 19, 2016, 4:01 PM by Martin Riddle
A torch or headlamp is a good idea. Power for charging phones etc will be available on all the first stages however after the regatta we will have to rely on a generator or charging on the big boats.

Footwear - most of the bays we are going to are pretty sandy but it would be a good idea to have something to wear on your feet that can get wet i.e. thongs, jandals, tevas or similar. There are a number of beautiful walks on all the islands so a pair of walking shoes could be a good idea if you like to stretch your legs. 

Sunburn and heat - if we have clear hot days their sun is very strong and will burn, please bring good 30 or 50+ sunscreen and a floppy hat. Also make sure you bring a decent sized water bottle. They will endeavour to row in the morning and find a shady tree to hide under for the middle of the day if required. 

Things that bite and sting - they claim to be blessed in kiwi land with none of the real nasties that Australia has, however they do have sandflies and mosquitos so bring some repellent. Also a number of the bays will have shallow stretches below the beach and depending on tide we could have to wade in a little. They have stingrays in NZ which often sunbath in the shallows and normally are not a problem as they zoom away when disturbed. If you are first to arrive make some splashing around and they will go. Standing on one can lead to a nasty sting.