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An amusing but true story...

posted Dec 23, 2014, 3:47 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 23, 2014, 3:48 AM ]
From Graham Wright:

'As you are all aware, some ***** used the new Bosch PEX 400 Sander without a disc therefore wrecking the backing pad.  Allan and I were at the Mitre 10 shortly afterwards and they said they had the part but when we got there it was the wrong one. I then found a new sander on the shelves and took it to the Trade counter so the could order the correct part, they also said they would ring Richard when it came in (they didn't).

On Friday Allan was in Huonville and went to see what was happening and they had one but it appeared to have too many holes to put the retaining screws in. Allan phoned me and I said I would go down and have a look. Today I went to Mitre 10 to get some discs for my sander and I saw a friend of mine who works weekends there on the Trade counter. While he was searching for the paperwork I noticed the backing pads lying on the desk he was searching and pointed them out to him. On closer examination there was 8 holes instead of 4, but 4 of the holes lined up perfectly with the screws on the identical sander. Obviously these are made to fit a range of different sanders, so I said I would take it. No problems my mate said but I will still have to find the paperwork as there is no bar code or any identification on it. After about 10 minutes he came back and said he couldn't find the paper work and he would have to phone me when it was sorted, so I said OK.

Anyway I as said at the beginning of this tale I needed some sanding discs and some for my new belt sander. As I didn't know what size belts it takes, my mate was looking a identical one they have in stock to work it out, while this was happening I looked down on the floor of the display and in a packet was a brand new backing pad for a Bosch PEX 400, of course the correct part we have looking for.

I love Tasmania but sometimes doing business can be trying.'