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Radio Group

VHF Radios at the Living Boat Trust

The LBT uses VHF radios for communication between boats on excursions and expeditions.  A shore based station has been set up and will be used once we have a license.  These radios are managed by our Radio Interest Group, coordinated by Graham Wright (04571 57785) and Jimmy West (04044 90425), both of whom have the appropriate experience and qualifications for this job.  If you want to join this group or have queries about our radios and their usage speak to them.

Answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is there a guide to using marine radio in Tasmania?
Yes, the Maritime Safety Authority provides one at http://bit.ly/13HiM4h

What do I need before I can use a radio?
You should have the appropriate license, the 'Marine Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency VHF'. The Office of Maritime Communications at the Australian Maritime College is responsible for marine radio examinations and certification services in Australia: see their website at https://www.amc.edu.au/omc .  There are many resources here, including including online handbooks, revision questions for exams etc.  A DVD with a self study guide, with revision questions and practice question for exams is also available.  When you have reached a satisfactory level arrange for a final examination through the Australian Maritime College Website.  There are some costs involved:  $20 for a DVD (members) $30 non members, certificate $70, invigilation $20.00 a head if a group can be organised.  Alternatively an instructor can be employed.

What radios does the LBT have, and are there any manuals available to help fix them?
The LBT has a variety of radios.  A list of the models with links to manuals can be found at