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The LBT has two trailers available for transporting dinghies for LBT events, but NOT for private use. Use the following checklist.

  • Towing car must be registered and insured (3rd party property or comprehensive)
  • Towing driver must have current drivers licence, and not tow trailer if under influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Trailer must be used according to the manufacturer’s and hirer’s instructions
  • Trailer must be used in accordance with the state road rules; driver must also adhere to state road rules e.g. drug and alcohol use, speed limits etc
  • Ensure load is safely secured onto trailer at all times
  • Do not allow people or animals to travel in a boat on the trailer
  • Distribute weight over axles with approximately 60% toward front of trailer and 40% toward rear
  • Check your towbar rating to ensure compliance
  • Driver of towing car is totally responsible for safety - ensuring:
    • Tow hitch is secure
    • Safety chain correctly attached
    • Jockey wheel correctly stowed away
    • Safety chain and light lead can’t drag on the road
    • All car and trailer indicator lights are working
    • Red flag attached to rear of boat
    • Trailer must be locked when left unattended + remove lock before towing.
  • If possible, avoid trailer being immersed in salt water (to minimize rust damage to chassis and bearings, and thus future maintenance time and costs). If trailer is immersed, it must be hosed down at first opportunity with fresh water.
Trailer to be locked when stored. Return keys to Lorrie Harrison or Graham Rankin.

Report any issues or damage to LBT – Graham Rankin