Dover Men's Shed Report: Feb 2016

Ron Wells writes:

'The last two weeks at the shed we have been installing ducting for dust collection. This has always been a problem and we have been sponsored $600 from the Helping Hands Program (Huon Aquaculture) to address this problem. We have redirect these fund to ducting rather than another dust collector as this is the best use of these funds and ensures more bang for our bucks. I’m sure Helping Hands will understand this change as it best meets the need of cleaner air in our woodworking area. We opted to use cheaper ducting than the industrial type as this helped us remain within the budget of $600. Blast gates and clear flexi hose, plus a couple of flanges costs as much as all the cheaper ducting put together. I will be acquitting this sponsorship soon when all the bills are tallied and we have the system up and running to our satisfaction.

The kiln and potter’s wheel are in transit and we should see them next week.

John Tapp purchased on behalf of the workshop a blower to clear gases from the kiln when it is

operational. The cost is $225 which will need to come out of our coffers but it is essential that we exhaust these noxious gases while the kiln is cooking its contents.

Cracks appeared in La Chaloupe and the trailer failed as well. I have repaired the trailer from my stocks of materials. It should now be most roadworthy. The cracks in the hull were noticed at the Australia Day Festival in Franklin. She was tied to the dock and taking on water. We returned to the boat ramp and pulled La Chaloupe out and the weight of water on board exacerbated the problem with the trailer.

Repairs to La Chaloupe are underway, as I have kept the left over materials from its original restoration. We should have enough gear to complete a full repair without going to the purse for funds.

John will be taking over in the workshop on the 25th of February as Mary and I have a wedding to go to in Perth Western Australia.'