World Skiffies Women's over 50 event

posted Jul 21, 2019, 4:13 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jul 21, 2019, 4:15 PM ]
First thing to mention is that the organisers brought the final of the women's over 50s event forward a day because Friday's weather was forecast as rubbish meaning that the race, repercharge and final were all within a few hours. Our heat was at 12 and was the heat from hell with 4 of the 5 favourites to win the event in it and only 3 going straight through to the final. Also it was quite squally at the time. Result - we came in 5th - so into the repechage . Any other heat and we would have gone straight through based on our times.

2.5 hours later we were backing up for the repecharge in much friendlier conditions- even had sun. We rowed really well and actually won the thing in our best time ever - 11.50 which won't mean a thing to most of you but caused much squealing in our boat and big cheers from the shore. The final was less than an hour later so into the bananas and Gatorade. We were under no illusions about the final. We were probably the oldest crew in definitely the heaviest and oldest boat which belonged to another club against a number of clubs with over 100 members which hand pick each crew. Also 13 of the 16 finalists had not had to flog themselves in a repecharge less than an hour hour before. All this sounds like we came last which was certainly not the case. We rowed really well, had a rubbish turn then blasted our way to the finish line to come a creditable 10th in 11.56 which was 36 seconds behind the winning boat. Everyone was surprised by the Tasmanian ladies team in the borrowed boat.

The regatta has been fun and very friendly with lots of people remembering us from Ireland. It is a big deal for this town which has been in decline since the ferry port was relocated further up the loch. Everyone knows the Tasmanian team and everywhere we go someone says hello and welcomes us.

Carolyn Booker
(extracted from the rowers newsletter)