Wilson's Boatshed to be demolished

posted Mar 3, 2021, 3:22 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Mar 3, 2021, 3:22 PM ]
Jay Lawry writes:

'Dear Members,

When I first sailed in to Port Cygnet at the very beginning of 2017 after a 14-day solo non stop passage from Albany in Western Australia via Matsuyker Island, I was tired and not a little damp; I was craving the sanctuary of a secure anchorage for a night or two before continuing on to Hobart and the Australian Wooden Boat Festival of that year. I found it just a few hundred metres from the Port Cygnet Sailing Club Clubhouse.

Since that time, I have worked at Wilson’s on the construction of a new launch and at Franklin and Wilson’s on the restoration of a 1935 launch.

Every time I walk into the Port Cygnet clubhouse I am reminded of the legacy of Wilson’s with the half model on the wall, and the great list of boats built at Robleys Point where the club stands today. I look across the bay to the old Wilson’s Boatshed and marvel that it is still here, representing the deep and rich history of many generations of ship and boatbuilders.

Now we hear that the old shed is to be demolished.

As an Association whose stated aim is to preserve the Heritage of our maritime history here in the Huon and indeed of all of Tasmania, I am sure you will agree with me that every effort should be made to conserve this last tangible link.

Now is the time for us to make ourselves heard if there is a modicum of care about the community in which we live and the history of boating in this area.

I therefore ask the Trust to make a communication with the Huon Valley Council and the Resource Management and Appeals Tribunal to reconsider the necessity of this demolition of what represents so much to Cygnet, the Huon and the wider boating world.

I would urge individual members to also make representation to the above parties to oppose this destruction. And to sign the on-line petition on change.org.'