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Wanted: an open dinghy for crossing the Bass Strait

posted Oct 25, 2015, 2:11 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Nov 5, 2015, 3:08 AM ]
Adrian Dale writes:

'The plan is to use a period wooden open boat of clinker or carvel construction. The boat should be between 16 to 20 feet overall with at least 15 feet on the water. The boat will be propelled by Seagull engines for the crossing and use no other method of propulsion and thus there is no requirement for either sail of inboard engine.

The boat needs to be structurally sound requiring minimal repair work and be capable of a long ocean crossing with good seakeeping qualities. Due to the limited power of the engines minimum windage is important and deck structures would be a considerable impediment.

Seahorse with her low freeboard and shelter deck was an ideal candidate.'

See pics of Seahorse below for an idea of what Adrian wants.  He was considering using her, but there were a couple of structural issues that make her unsuitable for the rigours of Bass Strait.  Contact the secretary sec@lbt.org.au if you know of any suitable vessel that might be available. 


  Pics from Graham Wright