Tuesday Group Report

posted Mar 14, 2019, 1:51 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Mar 14, 2019, 1:56 AM ]
Graham Wright reports: 

Tuesday group is back in business after the Raid and the Fires. Two
Grebes, Lightwood Bottom in the main shed and Huon Explorer in the

Getting Huon Explorer to the shed using the old 2 wheel trolley went
well until a wheel broke in half, time for a replacement, the trolley
that is not the wheel! 

The plan for Lightwood Bottom is to strip back the hull to the King Billy
Pine, a big ask for a boat that has been in use for 24 years, but Bob has
matters well in hand. 

As we noticed a small amount of floor space in the shed, Punto was
quickly put in it before anything else did. Once it has dried out a bit
some repairs will be done and a nice fresh coat of paint. 

Subject to the weather, Nancy is getting some paint work done and a
couple coats of oil to the natural timber decking. 

The other big job today was to get Monty on the dry ready for some
serious repairs. Went well with the Tuesday Group with a few passers by
and of course Paul's Landcruiser.