Tuesday group doings

posted Jul 26, 2018, 4:46 AM by Richard Forster   [ updated Jul 27, 2018, 3:09 PM by Posts Editor ]
Graham Wright has put together the following pictorial report.

'The 'Flying 15' has had a covering of Dynel on the deck with Epoxy resin used to seal.
Ran low on hardener so new stock being purchased this weekend to finish off on Tuesday.
When painted will look like the original canvas but more robust.

Bruce and Nick are still progressing with 'Flathead' except last Tuesday when it was 'All hands on deck' for mixing and spreading the epoxy resin on Flying 15
The rear seat in 'Flathead' has been rebuilt from new Celery Top to match the original which had rotted on one side.
A new lid has also been made for the wet well, getting very close to the first coat of paint.

On Gretchen, Peter hill has nearly finished the internal fit out and the first coats of paint will be going on the deck, cabin top and sides on Tuesday.
We have nearly enough lead for the ballast and all the brass bits have been polished like new by Geoff.
Bob has restored the Lee Boards ready for paint.

Also people using the workshop may have noticed that bit by bit the chisels and wood planes are getting a nice sharp edge to them.
This is due to Geoff slowly working his way through them with his magic box of tricks.

Photos by.....
Graham Wright and
Paul Frost (Gretchen)'