Tree2Sea Project in Franklin

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Zainab Clark writes:  

'Zainab Clark’s husband Jafar (Youth Development Coach with Colony 47) wishes to establish a project for disengaged young people to help build skills and confidence that may lead to future employment. Following a short-lived but successful boat building project (Tree2Sea) in New Norfolk he feels that a similar one in Franklin would be particularly appropriate with all the boat building skills and knowledge available here.  

There are many possibilities, from taking a log and milling it locally to buying a kit and building from there. The finished product could be anything from a canoe, kayak up to a St. Ayles Skiff or a Grebe, with the boat being  auctioned, or sold to a club or fisherman.  

The key elements required are; Funding to cover the cost of materials, rental of space and a wage for the Project Manager/Overseer. A small group of drivers that think outside the square will be crucial.  Participation in building a boat offers the opportunity to gain many skills in the preparation, use of tools, woodwork, through to finishing touches, not to mention co-operation and learning with others. This project would highlight the potential of skilled people in the Huon Valley to provide a unique way for young people to engage with the community. Basing it in or around Franklin creates an accessible location for kids from a wide Huon Valley catchment area from Longley and Cygnet through to Southport.  

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions to further this initiative any input would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Jafar Clark on 0438 372 873 or email:'

There is more information about 'tree2sea' at

 Pic from the ABC