The way we were

posted May 23, 2020, 5:48 PM by Posts Editor
Endra O'May was sorting through a pile of books from her late father when she came across the 1950 Tasmanian Business Directory ('renowned for accuracy'). Along with many other small towns Frankiin has an entry - see below.  We had a population of 1050 and possessed 'a good reticulated water supply and a septic tank sewage system'.  We were big on sawmilling and orchards: 'the annual output of apples and pears is about 1,250,000 bushels and berry fruits approximately 150 tons' (a bushel is roughly 20 kilos).  The list of orchardists spreads over two pages.  There were lots of clubs and activities, and we had our own (registered) bookmaker.  

It was so much worse in the old days: instead of combing through the internet for this stuff they had to turn to a page in the book.