The Bittern's Dinner

posted Mar 6, 2016, 3:45 AM by Richard Forster   [ updated Mar 6, 2016, 1:10 PM by Posts Editor ]
Chris Butler writes:

Sixty two people happily crammed into the LBT last week for a three course dinner to raise funds for the completion of the 'Bittern', the St. Ayles skiff being built at the Wooden Boat Centre. It was an incredible sight to see elegantly settled tables slotted in between the butch machinery, sick boats under repair and the paraphernalia of a working boat shed, resounding with the merry chatter of guests from throughout the Huon Valley and beyond. 

Bittern team rower Jo Duffy co-opted Christie Sweeting and Alice Holder, two willing friends from Hobart, to create an exotic Mediterranean-style meal that asserts the LBT as the greatest restaurant in town and judging from the congratulatory emails later it was indeed.

The dinner followed an equally well-attended presentation by David Wise of Hydrowood Tasmania held across the car park in the foyer of the WBC. 

To their joy - and relief - the Bitterns managed to raise enough funds to pay for the wood to be used for the oars and internal fittings in the boat, such as the seats. 

Team rower Sue Jenkins expressed sincere appreciation to the Franklin community for its continuing support of the project. "We've had amazing support by the people of Franklin for all of the fund-raising events we've held so far," she said. "They'll be pleased to know we're almost there and hopefully by the beginning of April our beautiful Bittern will be available to everyone in the community."