Regatta Ideas

  • A lot of plans/forms etc are already online.  Refer to them
  • Site planning - where?
    • Book the river NOW
      •     Need to keep in contact with rowing club, check calendar
    • LBT 'precinct'
      • We now have better access to the license land downstream of us.
      • Could erect big marquee here for general use
    •     Would we use the rowing ways again?
    • Access to rowing shed?
    • Marquees
      •    Bendigo  
      • Council
      • Could erect our big one on the spare block for 'general' use
  • Other organisations that may wish to be involved
    • These may want to help set agenda/activities
    • Corporates
      • Speak to Shane Johnson
      •    At Warrnambool there was a 'grudge match' between councils which was fun  
    • Rowing Club
    • Jetskiers have offered to have a role in the past
    • Kayakers/canoeists want to be involved?
    • Wooden Boat Centre
    • Franklin Marine
    • Schools     
      •    Franklin did some fund-raising catering last time  
      • Huonville has expressed some interest, but weekends have been a problem.
    • Speak to council events people - Lisa Plohl?  
    • Franklin Progress Association
    • Franklin Market
    • Palais
    • Local Businesses
      • Especially Sarah from Post Office
    • 'Ethnic' Communinities
      • Hazara
      • 'Ethnic' Skiff being built in Geelong
      • Iranian group from Adelaide were a big feature 2 regattas ago
    • Marine Rescue
  • Catering
    • Have outsourced this in the past
    • A mix can be good
    • LBT Dinner: speak to Kate, Jilly
    • Food trucks
      • Worked well at last regatta concert
  • Theme     
    • Fit in with USA theme for festival:  'Homecoming'  
    • Alternatively could use 'homecoming' theme for return raid.  
    •   Otherwise just have Swiftsure Regatta, postponed until February  
      •     Have the Roger Harwood and all the usuals.
  • Teams    
    • Could be fun to have teams as per last Regatta     
    • For both rowing and sailing
    • Teams could be location/organisation based, but a bit more piratical: grab members where you can.
      • Like the 20:20 cricket tournaments.
      • Living Boat Trust
      • WBC
      • Cygnet
      • Taroona
      • Council
      • Schools
      • Castle Forbes Bay
      • Dover
    •    May help with organisation if teams take some responsibilities.
      • 'Captains'
  • On the Water Events
    •  Sailing  
      •   If possible expand single class sailing racing with Grebes
      •    But also general open class sailing race  
      •  We can wait for the sea breeze to come in.
        •   Will work better than present because people will have a reason to hang around until the late afternoon   

    • Rowing   
      • Just Skiffs (apart from Roger Harwood)?

            Rowing course  

        •   Could consider rolling starts if setting up is a problem

          Do we want to have it somewhat age and gender based?

          If it is all to happen on one day there will have to be fewer races, or more boats involved in each race.  

        Need to keep it reasonably simple, but good if everybody has a chance.   

         If we do have teams it could be up to the 'captains' to sort out the details of how racing will work before the day.   

         The St Ayles Skiff Association had some basic rules for Warrnambool which are a good basis.

        More 'rock up on the day and have a go' of Swiftsure, rather than the organised heats/finals of the past.  

           Could the teams embrace sailing as well as rowing?

          What were the main drama last time that can be avoided or planned for this time?  

        Novelty races

        •    Blindfold race
        •    Sculling races
    • Rowing/Sailing
      • A rowing/sailing race involving any boats capable, but especially the whalers.
        •    Row upwind/sail down  
    • 'Parade of sail'/rowing race/ something from Port Huon (not Huonville)  
      •   Meet return raiders there.
      •    Involve Port Huon Yacht Club  
      •   Was there a reason that we didn't do it last time?  
      •   Check tides
        • Not available from BOM
        • Hobart 2019-02-14 Thu  5:21 PM EST   0.85 meters  High Tide
      • Use Nancy
    • Skiff and Nancy excursion to Huonville for lunch
      • Stop halfway for morning tea
      • Could be one way only
        • Tow boats back, bus/vehicles for people
      • Can alter destination as conditions dictate
    • Nancy tours
      • Through the canal etc
  • Music/concerts     
    • Local bands, groups, choirs to be contacted.
      •  Don't think we have made as much use of them as we could.
    •    'American Homecoming' typically involves school brass bands
      • We have our own valley 'concert bands'
    • + Barn Dance

    • 'Jazz on the river'
      • Was very successful last time it ran on Yukon
    • Need some sort of 'welcome to event' to kick things off
      • Music?
      • Food?
  • MC
    •    MC as Warrnambool was a stand up comedian, which worked well.  
      • David Pittaway
      • David Moore
    • Megaphones etc
  • Safety      
    • Think about safety boats and who is to man them.
    • First Aid
      •     Speak to Deb Van Riddle?
      • + From David Pittaway

    •    Make sure we can get to defibrilator.
  • Ideas from Bec Enders
    • Grant applications to Bendigo Bank, HVC or Huon Aquaculture to fund event activities, marketing and provide equipment

      ·         Promotion of event and activities, accommodation and venues –

      • o   Magazine Afloat

        o   Council website

        o   Franklin Tasmania website

        o   Facebook site of all partners

        o   Grant application from Council for street banners

        o   Grant application from Council for Palais Theatre hire

        o   Corporate sponsors

        o   Huon News editorial

        o   Channel newsletter

        ·         Huonville High School – perhaps they would be interested in branching out to exhibit their abilities to provide a solar powered boat

        ·         Huon Valley Trade Training Centre – is there an opportunity for those working with timber to get involved?

        ·         Wood chopping event – timber theme

      ·         Entertainment packages

      • o   Restaurants and Cafes – set dinner menu with local music
      • o   Living Boat Trust outdoor long-table dinner with local music
      • o   Yukon, Nancy, Wooden Boat Centre and History Group tours
      • o   Palais dance or / and maritime / timber film

      ·         Expo

      • o   MAST
      • o   Emergency Services
      • o   Egg Island Conservation
      • o   Huon Valley Council
      • o   Men Sheds
      • o   Chandlery
      • o   Timber merchants
      • o   Landcare
      • o   Natural Resource Management
      • o   Market