Skiff Regatta at Port Huon

posted Feb 15, 2015, 8:34 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 16, 2015, 5:08 PM ]
Extracted from the Huon Yacht Club newsletter: 

"our club had a fabulous day today [Thursday 13th Feb] hosting the visitors attending the World Championship St Ayles Regatta at Franklin. A willing band of helpers arrived at 0930 hrs to help set up the clubhouse, Anne had washed the floors, Roger had assembled an interesting history display inside, Susie and Anne had sliced the onions and made the hamburgers, several ladies had made scrumptious cakes and slices to feed the hungry hordes, Lynette and Ray not only supplied home made vegie burgers and other goodies, they also hammered nails into walls to take the string of flags supplied by Lorri. Rod Coombe, Sue Batt and her family helped carry trestles up from down below, David set up the bar area to his satisfaction, Eleanor, Penny and Lynette pulled on their rubber gloves to man the food tables, Susie supervised the barbeque and ration packs, Pam busied herself at the cake table with Lorri and John Flowers was a great help with expert advice. The tent erected to cover the two barbeques provided welcome shade to our busy little band of workers. By the time three fleets of small boats arrived from the north and south the clubhouse looked resplendent with international ensigns' fluttering in the sea breeze and signal flags adorning the front of the starters box. Nearly a hundred people arrived in all sorts of small boats, some rowed, some sailed and some motored. All successfully tied up to the new jetty and managed to scramble up the sides to the safety of dry land. In a short speech of welcome later in the proceedings, Commodore Roger Carter especially welcomed the international visitors, including a large group of Iranian refugees, who are taking part in the regatta and staying in tents at the Living Boast Trust in Franklin. All the visitors were thankful of a hearty lunch and loved the names of the offered treats such as: Meat and Greet, Satisfied Skiffies, Rowers Respite, Oarsome Adventurers, Ravenous Raiders and Nauti-Cool thirstcrushers. Check out the photos attached." 

It WAS a good day - for all.  Thanks Huon Yacht Club.  We were amazed at the very fast times made by teams rowing back to Franklin: maybe it was the fuel that did it.

 Photos from Rob Ayliffe and Roger Carter