'Sioux' For Sale

posted Aug 4, 2017, 4:34 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Aug 4, 2017, 4:42 PM ]
Robert Ayliffe from StrayDog BoatWorks in South Australia sends the following...

 I have become the custodian of  the legendary Port Huon based Athol Walter designed and built boat, ‘Sioux’.  She is on the register of significant Tasmanian boats.

‘Sioux’, launched in 1963 is currently located in South Australia, still in VERY good physical condition and ready to reward  a new owner.  Her hull and cabin sides really are Huon pine.  The hull is carvel with what some call bruised seam construction, ie no caulking.  Master craftsmanship.

As a consequence of illness, the owners left the boat unattended on her mooring at Wirrina Cove Marina about 7 years ago, soon after having fitted a new mast, new roller furler and headsail and new fully battened mainsail.  When I first saw her she looked very grubby  but closer inspection revealed that it was pretty much all superficial, a legacy of the dust that had blown across her over the 7 years.

We had no trouble sailing her the 80NM to her current berth in Port Adelaide; it was 9 hours from Wirina Marina to being snug at my berth in Port Adelaide.  To our surprise, her bilge was as dry as when we left.  She was amazingly well balanced and comfortable in the seaway.

‘Sioux' has since been hauled, her bottom thoroughly cleaned and anti fouled, folding prop and prop shaft checked and serviced.  Her topsides are now almost completely repainted and her cabin sides and coach house are in tidying now.   My understanding is that she was built for open ocean racing.  She has no sliding companionway hatch, entry is for the nimble.  One might be retro fitted, but I want her to leave me as  original and ‘unimproved’ as possible.  She does  however have a forward hatch!! 

If you know more of her history, or where I could go to find more that would be appreciated.

Expressions of interest around 37K will be considered.

She is very close to being able to sail directly to Hobart.  Or Franklin.   More interesting than paying out 9K for road transportation.  We all want her to go to a good and appreciative home.  Preferably in Tasmania.

For more information contact Robert on 0428 817 464

All soft furnishing is in good condition with boat.
The gas stove was big, clunky and deteriorated.  
Now removed.  All copper lines still in place.