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Paul Cullen of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival writes...

Many of you would know Rosemary Miller, former CEO of the Salamanca Arts Centre, where we have our office.  Rosemary has always been a fantastic supporter of the AWBF, and gave us help with a generous lease and favourable references.  Rosemary is still in the arts business, now working on freelance projects, including this one with the Burnie Art Gallery.  Rosemary is looking for eight small boats (well, hulls, really) for an art project that will travel around the country.  They do not have to be seaworthy.  They will be transformed into works of art by Tasmanian artists.

The Burnie Regional Art Gallery is currently planning an exhibition to be launched in late 2018; one that will travel to 3 other regional galleries in Australia (Lismore, Townsville, Mt.Gambier) before returning to Burnie in 2020. 

The exhibition needs eight small wooden boat hulls (tenders are perfect)) so that eight Tasmanian artists will make work for each of the boats. It doesn’t matter if the boats can’t float – they will each be re-designed so that they can carry the artwork produced for them.  The boats can be collected from locations within a generous radius from Hobart and Burnie, or delivered to nominated storage sites in these centres.

The 8 artists who have been chosen to work on the project are leading Tasmanian contemporary visual artists. The curators, Pat Hoffie and Rosemary Miller, are working with Contemporary Art Tasmania( CAT) to tour the works (packed in a shipping container) to our partner regional galleries

If you or your friends are willing to donate a little row-boat or hull to the project, please contact Rosemary Miller on 0417 546 102  or Randolph Wylie at Burnie Regional Gallery on 6430 5874

The name of the owners donating to this project, titled The Partnershipping Project, would be listed in the room brochures, in online information regarding the project and its exhibitions, and in the exhibition catalogue.

Rosemary is looking for anything at the small end of the scale – unwanted tenders, project boats that never quite made it, old hulls in the bottom of the garden.  It’s a good chance to have that old boat removed (at no cost to you) and re-purposed for a good project.  If you have one, or know someone who does, please send Rosemary an email or call:
Mob: +61 (0)417 546 102

Photo courtesy of Pixabay (creative commons)