Sailing St Ayles Skiffs in WA

posted Jun 12, 2020, 4:26 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jun 14, 2020, 3:11 PM ]
John Longley sent the attached pics.  He writes:

'A couple of pics showing our rigs. The top one is Dotsie with the full sail. The second is Ripple with one reef and in the background Dotsie with the second reef in.  The sails and spars all pack into a long bag that we lash out of the way down one side of the skiff when we are rowing.  The mast is unstayed and the rig is a simple Sprit rig.'

He tells us that they can have everything down and be rowing within a couple of minutes.  A couple of years ago they attempted to sail, in a yawl, the  route up the Swan River taken by James Stirling the founder of Perth.  They ran into snag and overhanging tree problems and had to turn back.  They had another go recently in a Skiff and succeeded.  When the trees got too much down came the sail and mast, out went the oars and paddles and they were able to keep going.   There will be an extended article on this experience in the upcoming 'Amateur Boat Builder' magazine.

The Sandgropers are keen to bring at least one boat across the Nullarbor for Tawe Nunnugah, and if they do it will be interesting to compare them to our own Skiffs.