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After the St Ayles Skiff Regatta there is no hotter topic:  we have been led to believe that it was an off-agenda item at Friday's meeting of Premier and Cabinet.  Based on Lorrie Harrison's 'deep penetration' espionage in Scotland the Bendigo Skiff is being fitted with the latest:  see pic below and  . Ali Grant (from the Scottish Rowing Association)  sends the following advice, and more pics. 

We are the champions of modification - and that’s not necessarily a good thing! Just when you think all possibilities have been exhausted, someone will come up with a new design and it all starts again. In the SCRA clubs, experimentation within the rules is encouraged, but my advice is pick a system and stick to it!  A lot of the Scottish evolutions have been as a result of 5 years wear and tear on the boats and the desire to limit this. We are currently favouring a wooden rowlock system. I've attached a photo of a light blue one, made from scrap plywood, this system has served us well for a year. The ones in the pic are a bit battered. However, this is being super-ceded by our latest prototype which I’ve included alongside. Both of these sit over a pin and have no direct contact with the gunwales.We still have to resolve the metal screws in the new ones, but they work well.'

  Pic from Graham Rankin - rowlocks under construction

 Pics from Ali Grant of a couple of different systems