Rowing Program at Dover (Easter Saturday)

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Port Esperance Easter Regatta 2018

Dover Pharmacy St. Ayles Skiff Rowing Event

Date: Saturday 31st March

Registrations: 08 30 Port Esperance Sailing Club. $5 per rowing crew member

Start Procedure

Boats will be called up to the start line by the starter on start boat ‘La Chalope’. Once all the boats are in position the starter will raise the start flag to alert crews they should be ready to row. The race will start on the fall of the flag.


1 Km

The start line will be a line from start boat ‘La Chalope’ to a pink mooring buoy to the south. Boats will start in an easterly direction along the beach to a turning mark at 500m. There will be 4 turning marks, one for each boat. Boats must round their marks to Starboard. Boats and oars may touch the marks.

The finish line is the same as the start line.

Crews should be aware that there may be mooring buoys in the race area which should be avoided.

5 km

The start line will be a line from start boat to a pin mark to the east. Boats will start in a southerly direction. Leave the three islands Charity, Faith and Hope to Starboard.

The finish line is the same as the start line.

Please be aware that there may be sailing vessels racing and moored vessels which should be avoided.

A singles rowing race may follow the St.Ayles skiffs if numbers permit.

Race time table

10am Women’s heat 1

10.15 Mixed heat 1

10.30 Men’s heat 1

10.45 Women’s heat 2

11.00 Mixed heat 2

11.15 Men’s heat 2

11.45 Women’s final

12.00 Mixed final

12.15 Men’s final

12.30-1.30 Lunch

1.30 5km Hope Island mixed team

(1.35 5km Hope Island singles)

Presentations will be directly following the end of the Hope Island race in the club house.

Please join us at the club from 5.30 onward for an evening of food and music.


Dover Seafest will be running adjacent to the rowing event on the day 9-3pm. There will be a selection of delicious foods and drinks will be on offer so please leave your packed lunches at home and enjoy some local seafood, coffee and other treats.

Pic from Phil Meany