Rowing News

posted Oct 3, 2021, 4:57 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Oct 3, 2021, 4:58 AM ]
Jane Johnson writes:

  • Maintenance – Freyja is back on the river and in new-found glory was taken down to Dover for an adventurous row/exploration, timed well with some picture-book spring weather.

  • Imagine is undergoing major maintenance work with repairs to the gunnels and top strake, sanding, repainting and more. The more hands helping will result in a faster return to the river. Wednesdays is workshop day from 10 am, but other times can be arranged. Many hands make light work – and a team result is always more rewarding …contact Dennis on 0428 364 178.  

  • Billie is also about to show off a carved figurehead – clay model as shown. Carvers are enjoying the challenges of working with a detachable figurehead design with Dennis. The New Zealand skiffies have also mooted a possible figurehead – perhaps a Kiwi or Morepork Owl. Could be an interesting challenge for other builds – Augusta in W.A have a Pelican and Dolphin on their two skiffs, what will Dover create for their current St Ayles Skiff build? 

  • The rearranging of the shed has meant the book-in file is now on the new bookshelf where the first aid is located. Please ensure all boat users sign in and out. 

  • A new rowing group is starting Mondays at 9am for anyone interested – contact Jane on 0400717140.