Restoring boats on Norfolk Island

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Maritime Museum of Tasmania Lunch Time Talk – 5 April 2016;
Time: 12.00-1.00pm, Tuesday 5 April 2016;
Place: Royal Society Room, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Customs House, 19 Davey St entrance;
Phone Maritime Museum on 6234 1427 for more details. 

'Norfolk Island has always fascinated Bill Foster, with the island's convict and maritime history and particularly the final settlement by the descendants of the Bounty mutiny. Virtually all heavy cargo to Norfolk Island comes in by ship, mostly from NSW and New Zealand. There are no harbours on the island and only two landing spots, one on the south-east and the other on the north-western coast. All cargo is lifted into waiting lighters from the island and towed ashore where a crane lifts slings of pallets ashore. The towing vessels are powered by 6 cylinder diesels. When Bill and his wife Shirley visited the island in 1989, he was asked to inspect one of the lighters that was slowly deteriorating and leaking badly. It had been built on the island some 40 years before. Bill gave the Works Superintendent a schedule of work that could be done over the next year. Some months later they wrote asking if Bill would be interested in doing the job himself. Bill went across in October 1990. This is the story of that restoration.'

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