Please help the LBT

posted Dec 31, 2018, 6:08 PM by Martin Riddle   [ updated Dec 31, 2018, 7:42 PM ]

The LBT is on a sound financial footing because it runs a major fund-raiser every two years – the tawe nunnugah Raids.

For the intervening two years the Raids pay for shed expenses, such as insurance, rates, electricity and water; for consumables for maintenance of the fleet; for up-grades to LBT facilities and assets and allows the LBT to put on a range of programs for its members and the community, including the On-the-Water Program which has introduced hundreds of primary students to the pleasures of messing around in boats safely.

But it’s a two way thing – the whole of the LBT benefits from the Raid but in turn we could not run the Raid if we did not have an engaged membership prepared to roll up their sleeves and help when needed - the people who maintain the shed and the fleet throughout the year; the people who willingly forego their regular use of the boats in the LBT fleet for a couple of weeks so that they can be used on the Raid; the people prepared to give up their time to keep the whole expedition on the water by providing the essential land-based camp support and the people who get everything ready before the start.

There’s a lot to do before the 2019 tawe nunnugah Raid kicks off at the end of January and we need your help. Think of it this way – if we couldn’t run the Raids, the Committee might be asking you to run sausage sizzles to pay the expenses of the shed – which would you prefer?

If you can help with the task of getting everything ready, please come along to a planning meeting at the LBT next Monday (7 Jan) at 5pm. We need people who are prepared to take responsibility for getting a range of jobs done by taking charge, as well as people who can follow instructions and work under guidance. If you can’t make the meeting, don’t worry, we can still use you – look out for more announcements about particular working-bees or send an email offering assistance to the tn19 Raid Coordinator: