Planning for the future at the LBT

posted Jun 23, 2015, 7:01 PM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jun 28, 2015, 6:52 AM ]
The committee will be holding a strategy meeting in early July to consider how well the Trust is meeting its aims and objectives and the needs of members.  A key reference document is the constitution (  which has the following section. 

4.1 The basic Objects of the Association are:
4.1.1 To preserve Tasmania’s maritime heritage through the documentation, interpretation and restoration of historic vessels, the building of replica and and reproduction vessels and the functional use of historic craft.
4.1.2 To promote Tasmania’s maritime heritage by the provision of related educational and recreational opportunities to people of all ages, interests and abilities, and by the dissemination of information about the Association’s activities.
4.1.3 To encourage and facilitate the acquisition of leadership skills, and traditional seamanship and boatbuilding skills in young people.
4.1.4 To encourage, develop and utilise traditional maritime skills in the local community.
4.1.5 To encourage volunteer involvement in the Association’s activities.
4.1.6 To encourage community development and co­operation with other organisations similar aims. 

There are also important subsidiary objectives (like staying solvent!) which you can read about in the constitution but we can take those as given. 

If you have constructive ideas, or constructive criticisms, about the way the Trust is currently running and it's future, we'd like to hear them.  Either use the form below ( ), email them to the secretary (,  or post them in the secretary's box outside the Shed front door. 

See the feedback so far: 

Planning feedback form