Ode to the Huon

posted Oct 28, 2014, 4:06 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 28, 2014, 4:08 AM ]
From Jane Johnson: 

'Last weekend the small town of Franklin was a vibrant hub of activity. Centred around the  Wooden Boat Centre’s handing-over ceremony to the Franklin Working Waterfront, the Huon  River was again the focus of the town’s future.  Nearby at the Living Boat Trust, a garage sale complete with food and music added to the activity that is gathering momentum for the International St Ayles Skiff Regatta to be held in Franklin in February 2015. To provide opportunities for more people to be involved with these community-building activities, free “Come ‘N Try” rowing sessions will be held for parents of primary-school children throughout November.  Franklin Primary School-parents are first off with a session on November 1 from 9-11am at the Living Boat Trust in Franklin. Cygnet Primary and Taroona Primary follow on Saturday Nov 8 from 3pm in Cygnet and Taroona.  The first St Ayles Skiff to be built in Australia, “Imagine”, will then be at the Huon Show in Ranelagh  on November 15, providing an opportunity for all interested members of the community. Huonville,  Geeveston and Dover Primary School parents will also be offered similar “Come ‘N Try” activities in late November. Finally, to top off a hectic weekend in Franklin, a thoroughly enjoyable quiz was held at the Palais on the same weekend. Apart from testing general knowledge, a creative limerick challenge sealed an engaging night out, as recognised in the award-winning contribution, “Ode to the Huon”.'

Five women from Franklin went rowing,

And soon the practice was growing,

They went out in a skiff,

 Came back in a jiff,

And declared “It’s gotta be better than mowing”

... for enquiries about trial sessions, ph 62663224