Notice to Mariners (MAST)

posted Oct 31, 2014, 6:27 PM by Unknown user
Notice No.: M111-14 
Title: Marine Farming Lease – Flathead Bay 
Valid From: 31/10/2014
Valid Until: 1/3/2015

Mariners are advised that Huon Aquaculture will commence work on Monday, 3
November at Flathead Bay at the mouth of the Huon River. The work involves
re-marking the amended lease area and the bathing lease in-shore which will be
in place until the end of February 2015.

Four corner marks will deployed on the amended lease area as follows: 

1. 43 degrees 17.1047’ 147 degrees 7.07274’ 
2. 43 degrees 17.6076’ 147 degrees 7.07364’ 
3. 43 degrees 17.6082’ 147 degrees 6.48138’ 
4. 43 degrees 17.1053’ 147 degrees 6.48048’ 

These marks will be special lit marks with OC 10S flash. The lights will be on for 7.5 secs and off for 2.5 secs.
The in-shore bathing lease will be marked on the eastern boundary with special marks with a FL 7 sec. These lights will be on for 1 second and off for 6 seconds.

1. 43 degrees 17.1401’ 147 degrees 6.02946’ 
2. 43 degrees 17.237’ 147 degrees 6.01794’ These lighting requirements may change in the future following an impending review on all marine farming lights on marine farms. If these changes occur, an amended NTM will be issued.