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No Roamin' for Rowan - at least not for a while

posted Jun 3, 2016, 2:37 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated Jun 3, 2016, 2:42 AM ]

Graham Rankin reports......

Rowan is in for some overdue TLC.  We are planning on converting what you see into a thing of beauty.  Allan used a sponge to get the rest of the water out and then a heat gun to start the drying process. A lot of the dark blue will have to be taken back to the wood to prepare a surface ready for painting.  Due to the poor condition of the paintwork we are estimating 3 to 4 weeks at least.
When complete we will start on the Grebes, they are in better condition so a slightly shorter time.  Our plan is to do this each year between June and August so the fleet is ready for the warmer weather.

Next is the bench saw, still in bits due to everybody's amazement that you don't get a blade with a brand new saw.

The Carba-Tec 15in thicknesser, you do get blades with this one

Finally an industrial strength Linishing multi tool

More later when they are assembled