New Skiffs in the west ... and the east

posted May 15, 2015, 4:23 AM by Posts Editor   [ updated May 16, 2015, 3:06 AM ]
America's Cup legend John Longley writes:

'Hi Skiffie enthusiasts,  
I thought you would all like to know that we are off and running with the first two St Ayles Skiff to be built in Western Australia - hopefully the first of many.  We have ordered two kits and Robert is beavering away putting them together.  The boats have been funded by individual members of the Royal Freshwater Bay yacht Club and will be built by interested members of all ages and both genders.  We have been allocated a small shed on the premises to build the boats. It will be cosy but should be fine. The build will be overseen by Steve Ward, who built Australia II, so we are in good hands.  Our plan is to have the first boat finished by Opening Day in October and the second in the New Year.  I will be running a BLOG to document the build. It will be up sometime next week at   

Wish us luck.'  

To which Mike Mahoney from New Zealand replies:

'The Kiwis are also busy on the build front.  Kit 5 was sent to Muchison ( did anyone see the movie " Deliverance")!  Alex Hislop is a shipwright ,with a long association with Scottish craft.  We can expect a superb vessel.  Kit 6 came out of our Tawera mould and kit 7 is now on the mould.  Our wee boat yard is now full with a selection of small craft - M Class,Frostbite ,Silver Fern,and even a clinker dingy bassinet for my new grand daughter - Arabella'  

We look forward to swivelling our heads and following progress in both directions.