News from our new Kiwi friends

posted Feb 18, 2015, 4:13 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 19, 2015, 2:10 PM ]
'Day one back in the office and productivity extremely low as I daydream of the fun, wonderful people and events  that I'm sure exceeded eveyone's expectations. The Raid, Hobart Festival, return Raid, Franklin Regatta , film evening, musicals .......... how can we try and emulate that. 

You are a very special, colourful, creative and talented group held with a glue seldom found today. 

Steve Cranch and I will hatch a cunning plan in the near future.  Based on your format, it will include a Raid around the Hauraki Gulf Islands, the Mahurangi Classic  Regatta (over 100 year history) , Auckland Anniversary regatta (175 year history)  and of course the Interdominion Skiff Regatta in Auckland. 

At this juncture please forward this to as many and all  interested parties to bolster a database for future comms. 
Again our heartfelt thanks for making the events happen and the lifelong friendships forged. '

kind regards 

Mike Mahoney 
Wee Tawera 

Note the pic below of 'Wee Tawera' running along with just the jib set. 'Sails like a wutch' we were told, which was true:  her oars stayed dry for nearly her entire participation in the two Raids.   There has been talk around the shed of the need for more sailing expedition boats:  maybe all we need to do is adapt the boats we already have.

Pics from Rob Ayliffe